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Tips, Map & Guide to explore Luxembourg City & More.

1. What travel tips and information do we provide to fitters and visitors to Luxembourg City, including transportation options and best times to visit?

For those planning a visit to Luxembourg City, it is advised to arrive via Luxembourg Airport. For transportation within the city, considering a vehicle rental through our affiliated service, Rentalcars, is recommended. Optimal visiting times are in the summer months when the weather is generally mild, with temperatures usually oscillating between 11 °C and 23 °C. If you are already in Luxembourg and stay with us, take your care or van to drive around.

2. What are some local gems recommended not to miss while visiting Luxembourg City?

When visiting Luxembourg City, make sure to explore several key attractions that highlight its unique blend of history and culture. Venture just outside the city to experience the serene Petrusse Valley, an area known for its beautiful landscapes and fresh air. The Luxembourg City History Museum* offers a deep dive into the past, showcasing centuries of developments and events that shaped the city. Discover the Casemates*, a network of medieval underground tunnels, through an informative guided tour. Don't miss the grand fortress of Luxembourg, which exhibits remarkable engineering and historical significance. The Grand Ducal Palace* is another must-see, with its stunning Flemish Renaissance architecture. For contemporary art enthusiasts, the Casino Luxembourg* – Forum d’art contemporain presents cutting-edge exhibits and works by modern artists.

*Explore the map above to discover the local gems of Luxembourg stays. While on tour you might add a new point you discover and want to share.

3. Our tip on how you can explore the city's history through museums and guided tours?

Luxembourg City, with its profound historical roots, dates back to its founding in 963. The city is strategically nestled between the deep valleys carved by the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers. Its prime location led to the early building of a strong fortress on a high rock, which, by the 16th century, was known as one of the most powerful fortresses in Europe. In the 17th century, the city's fortifications were improved with the building of a 23-kilometer network of underground tunnels. The city strengthened its defenses in the 17th century by constructing an extensive underground tunnel system that covered a distance of 23 kilometers. These tunnels served as shelters during wars, highlighting the city's strategic importance. The fortress remains and tunnels are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites and can be visited, even though the main castle was taken apart in the 19th century.

For those interested in cultural history, Luxembourg City offers an array of museums. The Luxembourg City History Museum provides an in-depth exploration of the city's narrative. The National Museum of History and Art is known for having an amazing Roman mosaic, which is considered one of the most important ones. Additionally, the Casino Luxembourg Forum of Contemporary Art offers a modern artistic counterpoint, showcasing contemporary works in a historical setting. Thus, Luxembourg City serves as a bridge between its illustrious past and its vibrant present.

5. How can fitters book accommodations close to Luxembourg City via THA for work or as visitors?

Fitters can use our direct booking system to book different types of accommodations near construction sites in Luxembourg. For inquries the best options are using WhatsApp or filling out our online booking inquiry formular. 

6. What are some recommended hotels to stay short for a couple of days in Luxembourg, ranging from basic to more comfortable options when no fitters accommodations are available instantly?

Explore our map above to discover and reserve a hotel near THA. It's ideal for fitters who require last minute accommodations for days or weeks until new availability is at your disposal.

To book and stay with us, we always recommend planning your stays ahead and not waiting too long. 

 We're always happy to help and hope this information finds you well and makes your stay more enjoyable.enjoyable.