Welcome to the THA Platinum Partnership Programs 2024

Feel free to join our affiliate partner program anytime. Affiliates can refer friends, colleagues or a company in need of accommodations for work in Luxembourg or any other place.

Simply sign up with a few clicks and start earning. After referring a self-employed person or a company who stays with us, you will get a reward.

Click on "register" and "schedule an onboarding call" right away to start learning how to effectively use the program.

Once we confirm the best time for your onboarding call, click the Onboarding Room button and take a seat.

... kindly request an invitation.

... who can partner with us?

  • Anyone who has an interest in promoting and offering work accommodations. 
  • Anyone who owns properties for renting out to skilled workers.
  • Any company, supplier or subcontractor
  • Any agency or skilled agent who specializes in offering accommodations to companies.